What makes GreenLight a great place to learn?

We Only Offer One to One Driving Tuition

How would you feel if you turned up to your first driving lesson, checked your rear view mirror and found another learner driver on the back seat? Believe it or not, this is quite a common practice amongst driving schools known as car sharing.

At GreenLight Driving School, we insist on one to one tuition to ensure you get the best instruction without distractions.

Our Instructors are FULLY DSA Qualified

To become a Driving Instructor, all of our team have had to pass a three part examination. After passing parts one and two, Driving Instructors are allowed to teach students to gain more experience before attempting part three. You can always find out the level of your instructor by checking the DSA badge in the windscreen which is pink for partially qualified, and green for fully qualified.

ALL GreenLight Driving Instructors have passed all three parts and display the green DSA badge to prove they have completed part three (the teaching element of our test).

If you are interested in becoming an instructor give Terry a call and he will talk you through the process.

Over 20 Instructors Across the North West

Our Driving School has been established for over a 15 years, and we now have a large team of experienced male and female driving instructors across the North West. Check out our homepage for the areas we cover.

Help With Your Driving Theory Test

Before we can book you in for your driving test, you must have passed your driving theory test.

Our instructors will help you out along the way, pointing out signs, breaking distances, and everything else you need to know to pass this part of the driving test.

We will also give you access to our online interactive training package – Theory Test Pro, which will help you with all the elements of the Theory Test including hazard perception.

Pickup from Home, Work, College or Uni

Learning to drive is stressful enough without having to worry about getting to your driving instructor before your lessons. We will pick you up from home, work, college, or university to make life a little easier for you, and make sure you are fresh as a daisy when you get behind the wheel.

Male and Female Driving Instructors

This one doesn’t need much explaining, you can either have a man or a woman. We have male and female instructors in many towns, cities and villages across the North West, so please call us to check availability in your area.

Friendly and Patient Driving Tuition

People learn to drive at different speeds, and whilst some learners get the knack of it straightaway, we are well aware that for some it may take a little longer. Luckily, our Driving Instructors in and around the North West are extremely patient and will conduct your lessons at a speed that will suit you. They’re a friendly little bunch too – have a look at our Meet the Team page.

Manual and Automatic Cars

Whilst most of our team use manual gears in their cars, automatic tuition is available in certain areas. If you take your test in an automatic car, your license only allows you to drive cars with an automatic gear box. Please call us to check if we cover your area.

High Pass Rate – Over 1000 DSA Passes per Year

If you are ever passing a test centre, we would be surprised if you didn’t see a GreenLight car. Our Driving Instructors constantly assess you during your lessons to work out when you will be ready to take your test. We have an incredibly high pass rate with the Driving Standards Agency, and hope to include you in our list of successful driving test passes soon!