The GreenLight All-Inclusive Driving Course

The All-Inclusive package has been developed to provide a clear way of passing your driving test in as little as six weeks with no previous experience! It also features clear pricing which includes the cost of your training, theory test, and the practical test. Our figures speak for themselves, with our All-Inclusive Driving Course acheiveing a very high 90% first time pass rate.

This course is ideal for people who want to learn to drive but have to fit it around school holidays, college, university, or work.

Here’s how it works

Each week you will do 6 hours of tuition. This is usually based on 3 x 2 hour lessons, although if you have work patterns or family life that doesn’t allow this, we can amend your course to suit. Remember, this course is designed to fit around you, so you just need to let us know what’s convenient, and our central office will ensure you get the most out of your course without it interupting work, study, or family commitments.

One of the first priorities is the driving theory test, as we can’t book your practical test until we have this. Don’t worry though, our team of skilled Instructors can help! Your theory test will be booked for you to complete at the end of the second week after you’ve had 12 hours on the road. Your practical driving test will be booked for the end of the last week.

Give us a call on 01772 600176 and we’ll tell you know everything you need to know.