Quick Pass driving courses – The fastest way to get your driving licence

When urgency is called for, we can tailor make an intensive course to suit you

There are many reasons you may have for needing to get your driving licence urgently. These can include a new job that requires commuting, a lack of time due to work or family commitments, or your International licence is about to expire.

Our Intensive driving courses can be designed to help you to pass in 1 to 6 weeks depending on your previous experience and ability. To begin, we recommend you come on a two hour assessment lesson so your instructor can get a good idea of how much training you need.

Everyone is different based on previous experience, comfidence, and many other factors, but our intensive driving courses are tailored to suit your requirements and help you become a good driver in a short period of time.

We also offer a semi-intensive All Inclusive Package with a 90% first time pass rate for complete beginners.

Book an Assessment Lesson

The best way to start an intensive driving course is to book a 2 hour assessment lesson with your GreenLight Instructor.

It’s a great chance to meet your instructor and get a feel for what you’ll be learning, and it helps us to understand your level of driving so we can develop a quick-pass course plan that suits your needs and get’s you a driving license.

The current price for a two hour assessment lesson can be found on our Prices Page.